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Why we should stop and reconsider our monetary system

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Asset-classes worldwide are increasing in value, while every inflationist country is pumping more and more money into its communities, many will nonetheless lose their jobs. All this causes the gap between poor and rich to become as straightforward as it has never been before. Money is printed and handed out as if the world would not understand the concept of exchange anymore. Lockdowns and the pandemic have driven us into a need for cash that has never been experienced like this ever before. Our addiction and demand for money are growing by any minute. But what can we do? How can we prepare for when everything is going the other way? 


Our world needs discipline. We have to get rid of our IOUs and never go down this path ever again; we need to part our way with the Inflationist mindset dictating our economy and find back to a path of economic naturalism. Fiat and debt-based consumerism have been ravaging our society and environment for ages. We have been shacking the money tree senselessly. The shaking has been good fun and very addictive. We had to shake harder, and the harder we shook, the more money came out, and everyone was happy. People have been offered debt as if they were candy, and since many did not have the option to be disciplined, they fell for it. But who can blame them? The money tree has been around since we are all born. This is normal. 

We need to realize that shaking the money tree has cost us our financial independence. Inflation of our fiat currencies has eroded away the hard-working purchasing power and has left those with millions, now with billions. Understanding the monetary system we have nowadays is nearly impossible. Banking and complicated finance have made it almost impossible for a non-academic person to grasp its importance. For the first time in history, you need at least a Bachelor of Finance to explain money to someone else. Money, the one thing that made a living together and exchanges possible. 

Asset classes like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have been very educating in that sense. Thanks to Bitcoin, many enthusiasts are very aware of these problems. However, their mentality has shifted, long-term understanding and logical arguing have helped them to see that the dualism between currency and assets are unnecessary. Those who study Bitcoin intrinsically and based on its importance as an asset class or a monetary system agree that it fulfills all the needed criteria to be a currency capable of being a fully functioning economic system. Even though Bitcoin has opposition that argues differently, Bitcoin is here to stay, and they have no control over that fact. 

Bitcoins’ growth rate is explained easily with everything I have stated before. With a withering economy and politicians that believe the government must be the golden knight that helps everyone, Bitcoin offers a peaceful and excluding experience of how the world’s monetary system has been working for ages and hopefully for generations to come again. Investing in Bitcoin not only feels like investing in our heritage but also in the future. It is a safe haven of mad consumerism and even more ludicrous Inflationists. 

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By Yves Hofstetter

I am the Owner and Founder of Yves talks Bitcoin. My goal is to provide sensational input and educational service to traders and investors all around the world. This blog will focus on trading and investing in cryptocurrencies with an emphasis on Bitcoin.

One reply on “Why we should stop and reconsider our monetary system”

In addition to the points you raise in your blog in regards to inflationist behavior, one has also to acknowledge that with the raising debt a huge burden is currently being build up for the next generation(s). Our younger generations will have to amortize the incredible debt level we are currently seeing, which will come with a negative impact on growth and wealth.


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