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It is a wild west out there. Tons of crypto projects and different protocols offer products and services ranging from decentralized financing to gamification of monetary systems. How can one wrap his head around all this buzz and how can you take advantage?

Yves is a full-hearted Bitcoiner providing educational content and consulting to investors for more than 3 years, moreover works as a professional precious metal trader for one of the leading precious metal companies in Europe and has been advising on Bitcoin and crypto.

As an individual and an enterprise, it is more important than ever to understand our current monetary system and the new technology that Bitcoin is providing. With billions of dollars being printed and inflation ticking up, around the world. Bitcoin finds an increasing legitimation and justification, understanding what this means, helps to take back your financial power.

Do not wait and get in touch with Yves today! Yves has experience in consulting investors, teaching newcomers, and advising companies. Doesn’t matter whether you or your company is just getting started, Yves can teach and consult about Bitcoin starting from the first base, fundamental philosophy, and ideology behind Bitcoin but also bringing you all the way to the last one, which would involve implementation of peer to peer transaction methods in daily business.

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